From now on everyone receives a credit of 25% of the amount paid on your first deposit.




After Registration please make your deposit!

From now on you can test our worldwide network for 60 days for only 0.06 dollar. Please book the „Starter“ membership.

Payouts are usually executed within 30 minutes and 4 hours, bank transfers are about 1-2 days.


What do you use high-gloss videos when you have to wait 3 or more weeks for your payouts?
1-48 hours, and even in 10 years, this is TrafficEcstasy!
TrafficEcstasy starts right there, where almost everyone else is failing to secure the payouts! Exactly that is the decisive advantage of TrafficEcstasy. In addition, you also get the most new members in your team. Fully automatic!
But the whole thing does not go from today to tomorrow. It has to be built up slowly.
Be there and let yourself be inspired by our concept! You can now be one of the first 1000 members who will have a four-digit income or more in just a few months.
I, René Herrchen, as the owner of TrafficEcstasy, wish you all the best!


You can earn with us at different segments of TrafficEcstasy. We kept everything separate. You can choose freely what you like best!

  • Team building (supported by free Spillover)
  • Advertise your ads and profit from the sales of your team
  • Click pay-per-click ads and earn
  • RevShares
  • NEW! Product sales (currently under construction)

For further information, please see below.

Process – First Steps

To be able to receive withdrawals, you must perform the following steps:


Select the tab „Register“ at the top and log in with all your data. You will then receive an e-mail with a link. Please also look in the spam folder.
  1. Click on the link in the confirmation e-mail.
  2. Make a deposit (depending on your desired membership or more) or click PPC Ads
  3. Upgrade your membership
  4. Share your Referral-Link

Without a paid membership, no earn, no withdrawals and no automatic team building are possible!

Our payment methods:

Payment via bank transfer, via Bitcoin Wallet, PerfectMoney, Payeer, Advanced Cash, etc. are available.


We would like to make your entry to TrafficEcstasy as easy as possible. Please read these instructions carefully. If you have any questions, please contact the CEO René Herrchen personally. Just send an email to Answers are available from 5 pm CET.

Your registration

You can register at TrafficEcstasy by clicking on the „tab“ tab at the top of the bar. You will then come to our „Sign up“ mask, where you must enter all the data completely. This is important because you also get invoices that you can use for your tax return. Please make sure that you have a correct e-mail address to which a message containing a confirmation link will be sent after registration. You must click on it to activate your account. Without this confirmation, you can not log into your account. Please check the spam folder if you can not find the e-mail.

After confirming you can login, make a deposit and choose one of the 4 memberships. This is mandatory if you want to receive withdrawals. Without a membership you can only show ads.

The easiest membership to earn money is the starter membership, valid for 14 days. Silver or gold membership is the most popular.

Teambuilding at TrafficEcstasy, unique!

Build up your team of thousands of affiliates automatically and benefit from payouts up to level 21. We use the automatic Spillover and Forced Matrix 3 × 21. From each member, which you have brought into the team and which then one of the memberships acquires, you get a sponsor (see below)

Why fees?

The fees will allow everyone to earn money immediately as soon as you have new members, without having to buy anything else. The fees include an automatic spillover, as well as the cost of maintaining the accounts and the website. The commissions are paid from the fees, which return when a member extends his membership!

Fees for individual memberships (for 180 days):

Starter: $ 0,06 (Try 60 days now!)
Silver: $ 20
Gold: $ 100
Diamond: $ 200
Platinum: $ 400

You will receive the following bonuses if one of your prospective customers decides for the respective memberships:

You are starter :

Starter – $ 0.01
Silver – $ 4
Gold – $ 6
Diamond – $ 8
Platinum – $ 10

You are Silver:

Starter – $ 0.01
Silver – $ 8
Gold – $ 12
Diamond – $ 20
Platinum – $ 50

You are gold:

Starter – $ 0.01
Silver – $ 10
Gold – $ 17
Diamond – $ 30
Platinum – $ 75

You are Diamond:

Starter – $ 0.01
Silver – $ 12
Gold – $ 25
Diamond – $ 50
Platinum – $ 100

You are Platinum:

Starter – $ 0.01
Silver – $ 14
Gold – $ 50
Diamond – $ 100
Platinum – $ 200

Passive income

So much more and more merit on the sales of all levels (levels) under you, if you are only passive, so do not look for new members:

Level: 5%
Level: 3%
Level: 2%
Level: 1%
Level: 0.5%

As of level 6, we only pay to active affiliates. These „active affiliates“ are those who take an active part in team building and apply their referral link to new affiliates

Up to the following levels the sales are remunerated:

Starter – max 2 levels
Silver – max. 5 levels
Gold – max. 10 levels
Diamond – max. 15 levels
Platinum – to the 21st level

Active income

For comparison, here is a list of commissions that you can get when you are active.

To do so, you must have reached the following number of self-sponsored affiliates in order to be qualified:

Level: 17% (at least 1 affiliate (direct member))
Level: 7% (at least 2 Affiliates)
Level: 4% (at least 3 Affiliates)
Level: 2% (at least 4 Affiliates)
Level: 1% (at least 5 Affiliates)
Level: 0.5% (at least 6 Affiliates)
Level as well as all others up to level 21: 0.2% (at least 7 affiliates, each additional level previous level plus 1)

You can see here that you can earn much more if you do something for it!

Revenues from RevShare (bottom), ads and PPC clicks and product sales were not included, which will increase the number of times a lot.

The payouts you can make yourself will increase steadily every month. In addition, the Sponsorboni will be added once the membership is renewed.

Advertising banners and text ads

With TrafficEcstasy you have the choice to switch your advertising in the form of advertising banners or text ads. For this you need Ad Credits. You can buy this, or ask for free from RevShares.

RevShare Model 1: 20 Ad Credits per Share
RevShare Model 2: 500 Ad Credits per Share

Also, PPC ads are possible where the users who click on it are spending money on each click.

The prices of our advertisements are unrivaled and depend on your chosen bid. The higher the bid, the more often the ads are shown and viewed until the ad credits are spent. For example, if you use 20 ad credits and choose a bid of $ 0.01 per click, the ad appears 2000 times. The formula is: Ad Credits divided by bid, so here 20: 0.01 = 2000. The higher your bid, the faster you get clicks on your ad and thus traffic on your website.

Pay-Per-Click (PPC) ads

With PPC ads you also get only real traffic. You also give others the opportunity to earn money by clicking on these ads. These ads are available as pack and cost only $ 2 and differ by the following features:

A GEO targeted pack (country-specific ads) contains 40 clicks.
The NON-GEO targeted packs (global ads) have 100 clicks included.

The RevShares at TrafficEcstasy

The TrafficHosts‘ revshares are very limited and always serve to further expand the network. RevShares at TrafficEcstasy will never be the main component of the network. The focus is always on the sale of advertisements and products as well as team building.

We have long hesitated to include the revenue shares, ie profit sharing, in the offer, because already many users have had bad experiences with it. In the case of TrafficEcstasy, however, you can assume that we will use the funds to further improve the portal and advance it, in order to secure the payments for our members. We switch among others. Also Google Adwords Advertising to bring you and other members into the team. In addition, the RevShares are limited to 1,000 shares. We also finance purchases of goods for our product offer and lead to high profits.

RevShare for testing

This RevShares is a special model for only $ 1. Within 150 hours you will be paid automatically 0.01 $ per hour. This gives a profit of 50% and a total payout of 1.50 $. This model is royalty-free, so no commissions are paid for it.

RevShare Project 1

A RevShare costs $ 10 and automatically pays you $ 0.017 to your account for 30 days. You will get 50% on your earnings ballance (income account) and 50% will go into the repurchase ballance (reinvestment account). With the latter, you can buy new RevShares. This results in a profit of 22.4% or an ROI of 122.4% per month, which corresponds to 12.24 $. Plus 20 ad credits.

RevShare Project 50

For this RevShare project, cost $ 50, you get $ 0.015 per hour, 365 days. This corresponds to 0.72% per day or 262.8% per year and results in a total payment of 131.40 $.
In addition, you will receive 100 AdCredits per share, which you can use for advertisements and banners.
As listed below, and are paid up to Level 21. (0.1%).

RevShare special project

Cost per share: $ 300
Duration: 30 days
ROI: 144%
Payout: $ 0.6 per hour / total $ 432
Ad Credits: 500
Maximum 300 RevShares simultaneously in circulation. Not for starter members!

For each RevShare, you will be credited with Ad Credits (depending on the RevShare), which you may receive. For advertisements or upgrades.
For RevShares, the following commissions are paid (max up to level 10):

Level 1 – 10%
Level 2 – 5%
Level 3 – 2%
Level 4 – 1%
Level 5 – 0.5%
Level 6 – 0.1%
Level 7 – 0.1%
Level 8 – 0.1%
Level 9 – 0.1%
Level 10 – 0.1%

For each purchase of RevShares you will receive an invoice.
New! product sales

You can choose and buy or sell among all the items we have listed. Direct sales are remunerated with a commission of 10%.







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