Spillover and Downlinebuilder


Spillover and Downlinebuilder

What is “Spillover” at TrafficEcstasy?


From the Spillover, you speak when your upline, your superordinate affiliates, brings new affiliates into the team that are then placed under you. Because of the 3 matrix, each can have only 3 direct affiliates. If this level is full, the 2nd level (3×3) is built up, and so on. For example, it can be that you get a lot of team members without doing anything. From these you get up to 17% commission. However, the direct bonus that each affiliate receives for direct members is then passed to the one with whose referral link these new members have registered.




Apart from their own advertising with the personal referral link, there is also an additional, unique opportunity for Trafficecstasy to benefit from direct members and the associated bonus without having worked for them. We call the “automatic downline setup”. Members who register through our many advertising campaigns without the link of a sponsor are randomly assigned to any affiliate by a random number generator. So you can suddenly get new affiliates into your team even though you have just upgraded to the required paid membership. This automatic downline setup is included in every paid membership free of charge and unlimited in time.


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